Day 3 of Indie Week! Another jam packed night of great showcases and the judge results are in.

Our judges had the difficult task of choosing only one artist from each venue, out of all the amazing talent and hardworking acts that come together to make this festival great. The top acts will be moving on to the Semi-Finals on SAT NOV 19 and we wish them all the best of luck!

Refer to the Schedule at a Glance for updated Winners and schedule changes

Moving on to the Semi Finals are as Follows:

Adelaide Hall: Dani Strong (Toronto)

The Bovine Sex Club: Last Bullet (Toronto)

The Cameron House: Samara York (Toronto)

Cherry Cola’s: Vultures Playing Ruckus (London, ON)

Coalition: My Hollow (Toronto)

The Paddock: Thrifty Kids (Ottawa)

The Painted Lady: West Hammock (Oshawa)

The Piston: Deon (Singapore)

The Silver Dollar: MunizO (Japan)

The Supermarket: Lemon Cash (Ottawa)

UG3: The Royal North (Charlottetown)

Nocturne: Them&Us (UK)

The Drake: TBD

Many thanks to all the dedicated and amazing artists that make this event incredible.

A very special thanks to all the amazing staff, volunteers, panelists, judges, and venues for all your dedication and hard work! This Indie Week will be the biggest and best yet!