Indie Week Canada 2014 Winners – Stone Iris

Congratulations to Indie Week 2014 Winners Stone Iris

Well we have come to the end of another Indie Week and 2014 has been a particularly great year with incredibly talented artists. However there can only be one winner and this years Indie Week Canada 2014 winner is the deserving Alberta band Stone Iris. These guys rocked the finals at Virgin Mod Club last night.

The prize for winning Indie Week Canada 2014 is a trip to Indie Week Europe, which takes place in Manchester UK in Spring 2015. We are excited to have such a great band showcase at our European festival.

Stone Iris is a soulful, new-blues rock band out of Edmonton, Alberta. Six years ago, the Niven brothers – El and Garret – and Jeff Burwash moved into a house together with their instruments and an unwavering determination to become a touring rock band. For three years they honed their art, then they hit the road. Stone Iris doggedly toured the US and Canada in an RV – “The Freedom Eagle” – several times in three years, clocking thousands of miles and hundreds of gigs. Consistent touring and writing grew this group of tenacious, fresh-out-of-high-school rockers, into a solid, unique and seasoned band who has carved out a deep and edgy niche. Their sound, a raw reflection of the vibe within, brings new meaning to the word classic. Feeling the music they write, they leave people feeling it too. In a musical landscape saturated with numerous bands and genres, Stone Iris leaves an inter-generational impression. With elements of rock and blues, combined with undertones of a lyrical western tradition, Stone Iris’ live shows are steeped in emotion and grit.

Check them out.