Indie Week Alumni at CMW

50+ Indie Week alumni will be performing during Canadian Music Week (April 18 - 23rd)!

Lots of great Indie Week alumni acts to check out during next week at Canadian Music Week (CMW) including Moon Tan, Sumo Cyco, Munizo and many others.


Our plan is to catch as many of these acts as we can (but with so many performing it will take some major club-hopping), and, if we don’t make it out to their shows we hope to say hello out on the streets or in the hotel.

This will be your last chance to catch live music at The Silver Dollar and The Hard Rock Cafe, however, The Hideout is back in business at their new location at 423 College Street and Stop, Drop & Roll has recently opened at 300 College (the old Rancho Relaxo).  Good luck to all of our friends and here is how the schedule stands as of now (if we missed any of you please let us know!)

Munizo - Indie Week Awards 2016

Tues April 18

Autopilot – Nightowl
Bleeker – The Mod Club
Munizo – The Silver Dollar
Academy Killer – Stop, Drop & Roll

Turbo Goth - Indie Week 2016

Weds April 19

Goodnight, Sunrise – Adelaide Hall
Ivory Hours – Adelaide Hall
The Falling – Cherry Cola’s
Grown Up Avenger Stuff – Cherry Cola’s
Return for Refund – Hard Rock
Goodbye Honolulu – Monarch Tavern
Turbo Goth – Nocturne
Jordan Paul – Painted Lady
Repartee – Phoenix
Lost Cousins – Revival
Wolkoff – Revival
liteyears – Revival
Cleo T – The Rivoli
Stoker – The Supermarket
Trevor Dubois – The Supermarket

Dick Rodan - Indie Week Awards 2016

Thurs April 20

Dick Rodan – Boots & Bourbon
Fade Awaays – Bovine
Uforia – Coalition
Tomahawk Love – Coalition
Lemon Cash – Hard Rock Cafe
The Celebration Army – Hard Rock Cafe
Honey Beard – Longboat Hall
The High Definitions – Smiling Buddha

hey! dw - Indie Week Artist 2016

Fri April 21

Bike Thiefs – Baby G
Dani Strong – Boots & Bourbon
Sumo Cyco – Bovine
A Primitive Evolution – Bovine
Ensh – Cherry Cola’s
Molehill – Cherry Cola’s
Menage – Cherry Cola’s
Northern Roads – The Dakota
The Steady Rebels – Grace O’Malleys
Double Experience – Hard Rock
Mountain of Wolves – Hard Rock
The Royal North – Hard Rock
Last Bullet – Hard Rock
hey! DW – Longboat Hall
Ivy James – Paddock
Crisis Crtl Club – Painted Lady
The Ocean Cure – Stop, Drop & Roll

Moon Tan - Indie Week Awards 2016

Sat April 22

Moon Tan – Bovine
Hiroshima Hearts – Bovine
The Royal North – Hard Rock
Last Bullet – Hard Rock
Julian Taylor – Horseshoe
Rod Purpose- Painted Lady
#Family Grind – Painted Lady
Ascot Royals – Rivoli
Kaleidoscope Horse – Silver Dollar
Thrifty Kids – Silver Dollar
Mermaids Exist – The Supermarket