Indie Week 2014 – Next Round

The winner from each night will compete again for a place in the finals on Sunday at Virgin Mod Club. A huge congrats to all the Thursday Winners, and best of luck making it to the Finals.

Check out where these awesome bands will be playing for the semi-finals HERE!


Thursday Winners

Adelaide Hall – Last Bullet (Toronto, Canada)

Boots & Bourbon – The Dead Projectionsist (Toronto, Canada)

Bovine Sex Club – The Deadset (Vancouver, Canada)

Brooklynn Bar – Calling August (Toronto, Canada)

Cherry Colas – Blind Race (Toronto, Canada)

Czehoski – Lost In Film (Toronto, Canada)

DeTour Bar – OPEN AIR (Calgary, Canada)

Free Times – Maneli Jamal (Toronto, Canada)

The Hideout – Levi Stephens (Upper Marlboro, USA)

Lou Dawgs – Katy Carswell (London, Canada)

Nocturne – Zolo (Brampton, Canada)

Paddock Tavern – Laura Cole (Hamilton, Canada)

Supermarket – The Falling (Montreal, Canada)

Peacok Bar – The Turks (Toronto, Canada)

The Rivoli – Affinity (Toronto, Canada)

Round Venue – Sheldon Holder and BIOPIC (Toronto, Canada)

The Silver Dollar Room – The Rathburns (Toronto, Canada)

Underground Garage – Frankie McQueen (Alberta) (Edmonton, Alberta)

Tota Lounge – Philly Moves (Toronto, Canada)

Crawford – Dylan Hennessy (Toronto, Canada)


Friday Winners

Adelaide Hall  – Menage (Toronto, Canada)

Boots N’ Bourbon – Dick Rodan (Country) (Toronto, Canada)

Bovine – Machines Dream (Sault St. Marie, Canada)

Brooklynn – Stone Iris (Edmonton, Canada)

Cherry Colas – Modern Hearts (Toronto, Canada)

Czehoski – Streetlight Social (Toronto, Canada)

DeTour Bar – Winters End (NSW, Australia)

Free Times – David Starr (Cedaredge, CO, USA)

Hideout – The Hot Sprockets (Dublin, Ireland)

Lou Dawgs – Josh Taerk (Toronto, Canada)

Nocturne – DLV (Toronto, Canada)

Paddock Tavern – The Red Rails (Ottawa, Canada)

Supermarket – 5j Barrow (Brooklyn, USA)

Peacok Bar – Jutes (Toronto, Canada)

Round Venue – Julian Cruz (Toronto, Canada)

The Silver Dollar Room – Katy Carswell (London, Canada)

Underground Garage – The Stogies (East Coast) (Halifax, Canada)

Tota Lounge – Goliath Paw (Toronto, Canada)