ETNO is a four piece rock band based in Brasília with influences that range from grunge to new metal but adding a contemporary touch to their sound and performance. The band has been on the road gaining speed for the last 15 years, building a solid career and a big influence in their hometown as well as other cities and states of Brazil. Today the band is releasing their third studio album with a twist, in chapters. The first chapter, “As 7 Fronteiras” was released in 2016 with a series of videos for each track, an animated lyric video for “O Último Anjo”, a full animation for the explosive “Diário da Morte”, a beautifully photographed “Sobreviver” and a tattoo giveaway promotion turned music video with live performances for “Sétima Fronteira”. In 2017, comes the release of the second and third chapters, closing the album at last.